Selected Software

The following programs have been recommended by members of the UVTAGG to help you with your Family History work. These programs require the Windows 95/98 or later Operating Systems, unless otherwise indicated. A section with helps for PAF is also included. 

        A more complete listing of software is located at CyndisList’s Software page.


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Commercial Programs
Ancestral Quest (Incline Software) 
AniMap Plus 
FamilyHistory CD
Family Tree Maker ( (Windows/Mac) 
Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition (Millenia) 
The Master Genealogist (Wholly Genes) 
PAF-Personal Ancestral File (LDS Church) (Windows/Mac) 
Evaluating The Genealogical Programs above 
Genealogy Software Review.
Genealogical Software Report Card

Genealogy Programs
AniMap Plus (demo available) 
    County Boundary Historical Atlas for Windows 
BYGONES (Freeware) 
    A program designed to enter and keep genealogical research notes. For Win9x and MAC. 
Clooz (Version 1.23) (For Windows and MAC) 
    A database program for systematically organizing and storing all of your genealogical notes. 
IGI255 (Version 4.9a) (Freeware) (This is a direct download link.) 
    A DOS database program that accepts files from the IGI/OI, SDI and MI of FamilySearch, that allows for reindexing. (279K) 
Legacy Family Tree (Millenia) (Version 5.0) (Freeware) 
PAF-Personal Ancestral File (LDS Church) (Windows 9x and later) 
Parish Locator (Freeware) 
    Identifies parishes in England, Scotland and Wales within a specified distance of a particular parish.  

PAF3/4/5 Utilities


GenSmarts (Commercial)

GenSmarts is a genealogy software utility that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your existing genealogy file and produce research recommendations. It helps you generate and track to do lists, print worksheets to record your genealogy research results, and plan trips to libraries, court houses, etc. For online research, GenSmarts produces links that already have your ancestors name and specifics embedded -making it much easier to perform online record lookups.

    Reads the content of PAF 3 4 and 5 databases, Legacy databases and also reads GEDCOM Version 5.5 files. There are free versions for Family History Centers, for use on CDs, and a minimally featured version for personal use, as well as a fully featured commercial version. 
PAF PAL (Version 2.0 for PAF3/4, Version 5 for PAF5) (Commercial) 
    Useful utilities not available in PAF Version 3, 4 or 5. 
    Pal Software 
    1065 West 10210 South 
    South Jordan, UT 84095 
PAF Insight (Commercial) 
    PAF Insight is a new suite of tools for PAF 5 users. PAF Insight’s Sync feature allows you to compare and synchronize two PAF databases. Sync also lets you do an intelligent import. View/Trim reveals data you didn’t realize was hiding in your database. Merge gives you advanced merging capabilities not found in PAF.
PDF995 (free – adware) 
    Allows ANY windows application to print its output to a .pdf file 

GEDCOM Utilities
    Converts GEDCOM files into webpages 
    Converts GEDCOM files into webpages 
    Removes information on living individuals 
Gedcom Explorer 
    View contents of a GEDCOM file 
    View contents of a GEDCOM file. 
    Reads the content of PAF 3 and PAF 4 databases, also reads GEDCOM Version 5.5 files. 
    There are free versions for Family History Centers, for use on CDs, and a minimally featured version. 

Helpful PC Utilities
Prn2file (Freeware) (This is a direct download link.) 
    A DOS program to redirect prints destined for the printer port to a designated file. (40K) 
    Compresses and uncompresses programs, files and folders 
Yankee Clipper III 
    Save multiple clipboard (cut/paste) entries 
PAF Helps

Basic context sensitive help screens through normal help functions from the Help pull down menu within PAF 4 and 5. 
Three Help areas are included in PAF 5 under the help pull down menu. 
    Getting Started (requires a word processor that will read .RTF files. 
    User’s Guide (requires Acrobat Reader – a free download) 
    Lesson (7 lessons viewed in your default Internet browser program) 
PAF Mailing Lists at RootsWeb and Yahoo!(include searchable archives) 
PAF5 Mailing List (over 500 participants) 
    (click on “Messages” to search the archive) 
Help is available from the LDS Church 
    via email at 
    via phone at (801)240-1000 or (800)346-6044 (toll free in the USA).